Meaning of ugali in English:


Pronunciation /uːˈɡɑːli/


mass noun
  • A type of maize porridge eaten in east and central Africa.

    ‘The most common staple food is a thick porridge known variously as ugali, sadza, nsima, or posho made from maize or finger millet.’
    • ‘I've tried variants of the African porridges, like ugali or fou-fou, all across tropical Africa.’
    • ‘Kenya ugali na sukuma wiki, a stiff porridge made from maize meal, with collard-like greens boiled with tomatoes and onions.’
    • ‘Maize is found in a variety of recipes, especially a porridge called ugali, which is cooked with meat (chicken, goat, or beef) or greens and is eaten nearly every day.’
    • ‘Maize made into a thick porridge, called ugali, is the national dish of Kenya.’