Meaning of Ugg boot in English:

Ugg boot

Pronunciation /ʌɡ/


(also Ugh boot)
  • A type of soft sheepskin boot.

    ‘a music video set in Marrakesh with models dancing in bare midriffs and Ugg boots’
    • ‘Where I was raised upstate, the creepy hippies who lived in yurts on the outskirts of town would rent a cheap storefront every Christmas and sell Ugg boots and cheesy animal skin vests.’
    • ‘I recall spending most of my sixteenth year dressed in the uniform of a surfer - ugg boots, flannelette shirts with button up collars, long blonde hair and Neil Young music were de rigueur.’
    • ‘To me, it seems that every five minutes, another bemused foreign celebrity is being presented with Akubra hats and ugg boots, and invited to manhandle native fauna.’
    • ‘A moment later, I saw a pair of purple ugg boots coming in.’
    • ‘If I had a kid, would I dress it in miniature ugg boots?’


1960s (as Ugh boot): perhaps named after Ugh, a series of cartoon characters, or an abbreviation of ugly.