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  • Used to express disgust or horror.

    • ‘ugh—what's this disgusting object?’
    • ‘I would prefer to do it myself, but I can't at the moment, I know that… ugh, I feel disgusting.’
    • ‘Afterwards, though, I headed back to my room and had dinner by myself from the room service menu - ugh!’
    • ‘Yes, it can be totally inconvenient, and some aspects can be pretty uncomfortable (like killer cramps - ugh!)’
    • ‘A woman behind me very loudly started to say to her companions, ‘Oh my god, it's so disgusting, ugh I'm going to throw up, yeuch, I can almost feel myself getting cancer etc. etc.’’
    • ‘And all that strenuous, self-improvement stuff people do - ugh!’
    • ‘I'm getting paid for it, of course, but still - ugh!’
    • ‘I'm so distracted all the time, I just can't stop thinking about him and… ugh!’
    • ‘I know people can be bitter sometimes, but do you have to be so… ugh!’
    • ‘Of course, I wouldn't want to hear an album full of Criss's low-cal mewling (I will, though… ugh!’
    • ‘When I heard I was going to be testing a station wagon, my initial impression was ugh!’
    • ‘We don't know where to go next though, and she is too tired to wake up… ugh!’
    • ‘Tia jumped up to her feet, ‘You are a little… ugh!’’
    • ‘she screamed and began punching his chest, ‘You're despicable and heartless and ugh!’’
    • ‘Its Mr Hamalton's way of teaching us responsibly on looking after kids… Plus as if that's not bad enough tomorrow night is Parent / Teacher night… ugh!’
    • ‘Today…… I should be in work, I'm not, I'm ill… ugh!’
    • ‘And those, those thralls - their eyes - their longing gazes… ugh!’
    • ‘So, Friday night, and we're busy prepping for Mondays shoot (a 5am start - ugh!)’
    • ‘Elise looked hungrily over the various dishes: Soup with soft dumplings, crunchy Yugandian rice with chunks of fruit, tikmollusks in sauce - ugh!’
    • ‘The flashing yellow teeth, the gray fur… and ugh!’
    • ‘He admitted to not having hoovered his carpet for 5 months (and they found carpet beetles in it, ugh!’



/ʌx/ /əː/


Mid 18th century imitative.