Meaning of Ugli fruit in English:

Ugli fruit

Pronunciation /ˈʌɡli/

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nounplural noun Ugli fruit

  • A mottled green and yellow citrus fruit which is a hybrid of a grapefruit and a tangerine.

    This fruit is obtained from the tree Citrus tangelo, family Rutaceae

    ‘However, the nutritional content of Ugli fruit is probably comparable to that of other citrus fruits.’
    • ‘With its loose, wrinkled skin, the Ugli fruit lives up to its deliberately misspelled name.’
    • ‘Also in the grapefruit family is the Ugli fruit, also marketed as the Uniq.’
    • ‘Still, Ugli fruit is quite fun to say!’
    • ‘Can you guess which one is the Ugli fruit?’


1930s ugli, alteration of ugly.