Meaning of uglily in English:



See ugly

‘I wondered as I saw some men in uniform gathered by the rear gate of the prison which squats uglily next to my flat.’
  • ‘Firefox and other browsers just let the rubric extend uglily beyond the edge of the content container.’
  • ‘Originally posted by ragejg at least you're not eccentrically ugly… or uglily eccentric’
  • ‘It was merely that I was not beautifully conspicuous but uglily conspicuous - it makes all the difference in the world.’
  • ‘I can't believe I am studying beautiful music in such and uglily run country/world/universe.’
  • ‘Germany can not only win games uglily, but also dominates them like that.’
  • ‘Why then does that village which my fancy conjures up call to mind a heap of reptiles breeding uglily in a bucket?’
  • ‘I was scared of death and did not want to die so uglily.’
  • ‘A Beijing smoker has brought a tobacco company and one of its sales agent to court, accusing them for producing or selling cigarettes which turned his teeth uglily yellow, the Beijing News reports on Tuesday.’