Meaning of ugly-looking in English:



  • Unpleasant in appearance; unattractive.

    ‘an ugly-looking industrial plant’
    • ‘ugly-looking fish’
    • ‘Early photos of the product suggested a bulky, ugly-looking thing.’
    • ‘Cane toads are poisonous, ugly-looking large toads that are a major problem in parts of Australia.’
    • ‘The ugly-looking barbed wire fence along that area will be taken away and the promenade widened all the way to Suncoast Casino.’
    • ‘He was very ugly-looking when you first examined him, but he had a very lively face with a lot of expression.’
    • ‘You don't want new technology in a really ugly-looking space.’
    • ‘Initial reports that he had bought an ugly-looking former custom house proved unfounded.’
    • ‘They were human but like monsters: fearful, ugly-looking things.’
    • ‘She jumped up and let in a frightfully ugly-looking spaniel called Bibbs, which had been scratching at the door.’
    • ‘The most frequently sighted resident of these dark recesses is an ugly-looking fish with blue coloration and a mouthful of large yellow fangs.’
    • ‘An ugly-looking modern store built right in the middle of the town square has totally ruined any character that it might have had.’