Meaning of ugly American in English:

ugly American


  • An American who behaves offensively when abroad.

    • ‘the phrases every ugly American needs to know’
    • ‘I go into my ugly American routine of wolfing down a quick meal and promptly sacking out’
    • ‘In essence, two ugly Americans dress up what they think is a dead kangaroo in order to take some tasteful souvenir photos; the kangaroo recovers and bounces away with some mob money, which our two lads carelessly left in a jacket pocket.’
    • ‘One of the most enduring stereotypes of ugly Americans on holiday in Europe is that of the overweight, baseball-capped Yank wandering through a street market in Greece or Italy, picking up some trinket and asking how much it costs.’
    • ‘I suppose he thinks that they would rather be stranded in the middle of the road to democracy than have to walk that road with the ugly Americans.’
    • ‘Please note that in the book The Ugly American, written over forty years ago by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick, the ugly American is the good guy.’
    • ‘Triumph is a puppet, a character… he is supposed to be an idiot, an ugly American.’
    • ‘I could sense every mind within earshot putting me in the ugly American box because I had the temerity to assume this was a business that had to, like, compete by offering the occasional special offer.’
    • ‘The outspoken career diplomat may be Washington's woman in Havana, but for the Cuban government, she's the embodiment of the ugly American.’
    • ‘The ugly American mentality rears its head I guess.’
    • ‘The Euros look at some fat guy on vacation in one of their decrepit countries, and they want to spit on the ground at the sight of the ugly American.’
    • ‘Not one to be bowed by the stereotype of an ugly American, Bill jumps all over his hapless prey like an elephant squashing a kitten to get to a saucer of milk.’
    • ‘It takes an ugly American to believe he deserves to get his way to the extent that he would abuse a baby in a public venue.’
    • ‘HIS image is that of the ugly American, the golfer who shoots his mouth off and doesn't get any respect.’
    • ‘It is bad enough for an ugly American to win but when you remember that no Frenchman has managed to win since Bernard Hinault in 1985, you begin to understand why the French need to hate Armstrong.’
    • ‘Now, instead of being the ugly Americans, which some foreigners used to find charming, we have to take off our shoes or belch after a meal.’
    • ‘They seem to be standing up to recite their parts solo, loudly, like those ugly Americans who shout at Europeans in the belief that it will make their English more comprehensible.’
    • ‘The article had gone on to becry fat ugly Americans who infested the world's civilized airports in baggy sweatsuits and squeaky tennis shoes.’
    • ‘How will we ever be anything other than ugly Americans?’
    • ‘You better leave the doors unlocked or those ugly Americans with the black suits and sunglasses will be breaking in at night!’
    • ‘Check out the selection of single malts and ignore the ugly Americans who can't make it in a different culture.’
    • ‘However, despite its tranquilo flavor, an ugly American scene exists at times with guys running around wearing t-shirts that read ‘Women want me.’’