Meaning of Uighur in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwiːɡə/


(also Uigur)
  • 1A member of a Turkic people of north-western China, particularly the Xinjiang region, and adjoining areas.

    ‘Delegates, including Tibetans, Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong and Macao, and Turkic Uighurs from Xinjiang in the remote northwest, struggle to make themselves understood in Mandarin.’
    • ‘Security officials said the men included Pakistanis, Arabs, Chechens, Uzbeks and ethnic Uighurs from China's predominantly Muslim Xinjiang province, where a separatist movement is simmering.’
    • ‘Most were Uzbeks, but there were also Afghans, Chechens, Uighurs from China and a small number of Arabs.’
    • ‘Many of the artefacts were made under the suzerainty of the Uighurs, a Turkic people from western China who were the dominant power in Central Asia for nearly a century.’
    • ‘He stressed, however, that China still has an obligation to respect the human rights of its minorities, including the Uighurs, a Turkic people native to western China.’
    • ‘The concerns of China, which faces problems with the Uighurs in its northwest region, also deserve attention.’
  • 2mass noun The Turkic language of the Uighurs, which has about 7 million speakers.

    ‘Khalkha Mongolian may be written in traditional Uighur or Cyrillic script.’
    • ‘The Uighur language was purged from school curricula, and thousands of Uighur writers were arrested for ‘advocating separatism’ - which often meant nothing more than writing in Uighur.’
    • ‘He has seen the boy only once in his life; when they converse by telephone, the child speaks Chinese not Uighur.’
    • ‘Important documents are translated into major minority tongues and four of them - Tibetan, Mongolian, Uighur and Zhuang - appear on Chinese bank notes.’


(also Uigur)
  • Relating to the Uighurs or their language.

    ‘The reforms of the Kazak and Uygur writing systems are examples of adoption of the Plan under political pressure against the will of the two language communities.’
    • ‘But its generous portions, authentic cuisine, value and exotic Uygur dance all ensure a special dining experience.’
    • ‘The faces and dress are Uigur, Kazahk, Tajik and Tartar.’
    • ‘Beijing has pushed the governments of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to crack down on Uighur activists.’
    • ‘They were reportedly training in Afghanistan with Uighur groups seeking independence or greater autonomy from China in the Xinjiang region.’
    • ‘The fun and games included a music by a traditional Xinjiang trio, dancing by Uighur girls in revealing outfits, lucky draws and games.’
    • ‘It's very worried about Uighur nationalism.’


The name in Uighur.