Meaning of ujamaa in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʊdʒaˈmɑː/


mass noun
  • (in Tanzania) a socialist system of village cooperatives based on equality of opportunity and self-help, established in the 1960s.

    as modifier ‘ujamaa villages generate wealth in rural areas’
    • ‘Arnold seems favourably inclined towards Julius Nyerere's ujamaa system of village socialism in Tanzania, but concedes it failed before it was abandoned.’
    • ‘Self-reliance and ujamaa - Tanzanian socialism loosely based on historical patterns of mutual support - became the guiding principles for a radical development strategy.’
    • ‘In practice, the forced resettlement of rural populations into ujamaa villages was met with great local opposition, and Tanzanian socialism has largely proven to be an economic failure.’
    • ‘Self-reliance and ujamaa (family village) programs raised the literacy (ability to read and write) rate to over 80 percent.’
    • ‘The ujamaa experiment was based on the communal ownership of land.’
    • ‘Complex and technically difficult, the power of ujamaa towers lies in the social bond they represent and the communal values they assert.’
    • ‘Nyerere was deeply committed to the concept of ujamaa, which saw all land and natural resources as belonging to the people within their village communities, and following the declaration there emerged many farm collectives.’


Kiswahili, literally ‘brotherhood’, from jamaa ‘family’, from Arabic jamā‘a ‘community’.