Meaning of UK plc in English:

UK plc


(also UK PLC)
informal British
  • The commercial organizations or interests of Britain or the UK considered collectively; the British or UK economy.

    • ‘our mid-sized companies represent a fifth of the turnover of UK plc’
    • ‘Physical misuse of laptops is behind the majority of faults with corporate machines, costing UK plc millions of unnecessary equipment repairs.’
    • ‘Only a huge injection of cash looks like saving the company which was once a flagship company of UK plc.’
    • ‘The bulk of UK plc's profitability is now generated by the financial services sector.’
    • ‘Whatever the outcome of that particular sale, the OFT will continue to shape the landscape of UK PLC.’
    • ‘Our host boasted that the 20 people round his table controlled three-quarters of UK plc.’
    • ‘Mobile phones had proved a real boon to the business and personal user, and helped "UK plc", she said.’
    • ‘"It is not a good advert for UK plc," says one UK equity manager for a big pension fund.’
    • ‘There was also government concern on the state of "UK plc" as he called it.’
    • ‘While pensions have virtually stood still, the cost of being an elderly citizen of UK plc has gone up - sharply.’
    • ‘Industry is a vital part of UK plc; ad agencies and banks need clients.’