Meaning of ulcerate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌlsəreɪt/

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  • Develop into or become affected by an ulcer.

    ‘a small vesicle which ulcerates and spreads’
    • ‘his ulcerated leg’
    • ‘The nodules and the papule on the affected finger began to ulcerate and produce a purulent discharge.’
    • ‘The vesicles rupture, and a painless, ulcerated, black eschar develops.’
    • ‘The papule becomes pustular and ulcerates, producing an ulcer crater with colorless exudate.’
    • ‘These pruritic vesicular lesions appear as ‘dew drops on a rose petal,’ which may ulcerate and develop crusting.’
    • ‘Following a two - to eight-week incubation period, papules develop that may ulcerate or evolve into abscesses.’
    suppurative, ulcerative, festering, cankerous, cankered


Late Middle English from Latin ulcerat- ‘made ulcerous’, from the verb ulcerare.