Meaning of ulcered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌlsəd/


See ulcer

‘She has had an ulcered leg now for over 6 months.’
  • ‘The existing leg became pink with blood flow, no longer ulcered, no longer had ischemic pain and was saved from amputation.’
  • ‘Some of the targeted functions are cushioning, energy absorption, stiffness, adaptation to the foot sole, filling out empty spaces within the shoe and pressure relieve on the ulcered area.’
  • ‘He refused to allow anyone else to wrap his badly ulcered leg.’
  • ‘This invention relates to the field of medicines for the treatment of skin, and more particularly to a medicament for the topical treatment of burned, irritated, ulcered, chafed, or infected skin, a method of preparing the medicament, and a method of treating skin with the medicament.’