Meaning of ullage rocket in English:

ullage rocket


  • An auxiliary rocket engine used in weightless conditions to provide sufficient acceleration to maintain the flow of liquid propellant from the tank.

    ‘At T + 60: 50 min one of 4 solid ullage rockets in 4th stage did not fire causing the stage to tumble.’
    • ‘There are two jettisonable ullage rockets for propellant settling before engine ignition.’
    • ‘This kit includes four integrally molded ullage rockets for Apollos 8 through 14, but they are positioned incorrectly.’
    • ‘I also took the opportunity to mould the ullage rocket units, of which four appear on Apollo 11.’
    • ‘The flight was aborted by premature ignition of ullage rockets on Agena, after which President Eisenhower conferred with Richard M. Bissell personally.’
    • ‘Eight ullage rocket motors located around the bottom of the second stage then fire for approximately 4 seconds to give positive acceleration to the stage prior to ignition of the five J - 2 engines.’