Meaning of Ullans in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌlənz/


mass noun
  • The form of Scots used in Northern Ireland.

    ‘a long-term campaigner to preserve Ullans’
    • ‘Ullans is still spoken and is undergoing a revival.’
    • ‘Ullans is spoken by a limited number of people.’
    • ‘The Ulster-Scots Agency has the legislative remit of the "promotion of greater awareness and use of Ullans".’
    • ‘He asserted that "Ulster literature can only find its true medium of expression in Ullans".’
    • ‘It would be a shame if Ullans were allowed to continue its decline.’


  • Relating to or in Ullans.

    ‘the modern Ullans movement’
    • ‘The Ullans language movement continues to grow.’
    • ‘Some words have become so widespread that they'll be recognised by everyone, while others can only be found in the Ullans heartlands.’
    • ‘The classes will provide an introduction both to the Ullans language itself and to the literature which its writers produced.’
    • ‘Many Ullans expressions and phrases are easily understood by English speakers.’


1993 coined as the title for the journal of the Ulster-Scots Language Society (in imitation of Lallans, the title of the journal of the Scots Language Society), and also explained as an acronym from the initial letters of Ulster-Scots Language in Literature and Native Speech. Compare with Lallans.