Main meanings of ulster in English

: ulster1Ulster2


Pronunciation /ˈʌlstə/

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  • A man's long, loose overcoat of rough cloth, typically with a belt at the back.

    ‘What is pathetic about the anemic-brained man in the ulster is that he has been misled, that the tablet will not fulfill his earnest belief in its power as a representation of Dr. Johnson, and yet the man will continue to believe in the tablet.’
    • ‘Woolf enjoys furnishing Johnson's London house in her imagination as much as she enjoys, we suspect, conjuring up the anemic-brained man in the ulster.’
    • ‘British gun expert Richard Law has found photographs in which the outline of the big Colt automatic through the fabric of this man's heavy ulster is clearly visible.’
    • ‘An Ulster Coat is basically an overcoat without sleeves that was very popular from about 1830 to 1910.’
    • ‘He is frequently encountered wearing his trademark Ulster coat, deerstalker cap, and a long cravat tightly wrapped around his neck.’


Late 19th century from Ulster, where it was originally sold.

Main meanings of Ulster in English

: ulster1Ulster2


Pronunciation /ˈʌlstə/

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proper noun

  • 1A former province of Ireland, in the north of the island. The nine counties of Ulster are now divided between Northern Ireland (Antrim, Down, Armagh, Londonderry, Tyrone, and Fermanagh) and the Republic of Ireland (Cavan, Donegal, and Monaghan).

    1. 1.1(in general use) Northern Ireland.