Meaning of Ulster Scots in English:

Ulster Scots


mass noun
  • The form of Scots used in Northern Ireland.

    ‘services were also in Irish and Ulster Scots’
    • ‘The Christmas card is in Ulster Scots.’
    • ‘Ulster Scots has had a literary tradition since the 18th century.’
    • ‘The band sang in Ulster-Scots with an infusion of American gospel and bluegrass.’
    • ‘Its aim is to promote the use of Ulster-Scots as a living language.’
    • ‘Ulster-Scots became a recognised regional language.’


  • Relating to or in Ulster Scots.

    ‘Ulster Scots music and dance’
    • ‘The Ulster-Scots Agency has worked to promote Ulster-Scots culture, heritage, language, and identity.’
    • ‘He is widely regarded as the father of Ulster-Scots literature.’
    • ‘There is a lack of qualified Ulster-Scots teachers.’
    • ‘He ended up apologising about the lack of an Ulster-Scots greeting.’
    • ‘I have an Ulster-Scots background.’