Meaning of ulteriorly in English:



See ulterior

‘Ulterior ties exist however also, of theoretical nature, that they ulteriorly limit the possibility to find the algorithm in faster absolute for a data problem, or one entire category of problems.’
  • ‘The engine had an ulteriorly increased compression ratio; the maximum power was 314 hp. and maximum torque was 38 kgm.’
  • ‘Low grade tumors (groups I and II) sometimes ulteriorly develop one or more anaplastic foci, characterized by increased cellularity, a higher mitotic index, and loss of cellular differentiation.’
  • ‘The government are taking a hard line against speeding, but as with so many of their initiatives one has to wonder if it is driven by genuine concern for the well-being of the public, or is ulteriorly motivated by power and profit.’
  • ‘In the case of unboned products the tendering of the product and the stretching and separation of the fibers allow the product to hold more liquid when being ulteriorly injected thus favoring the ulterior maceration and increasing the postboiling performance.’