Meaning of ultra-clean in English:



  • Extremely clean.

    ‘an ultra-clean home’
    • ‘An ultra-clean lifestyle actually depletes our ability to combat illness.’
    • ‘There has been an assumption that it would be too expensive to produce ultra-clean coal.’
    • ‘There are potential markets for ultra-clean coal technology all over the world - and not only for power generation.’
    • ‘Engineers in Nottingham are developing ultra-clean coal that could make power generation 50% more efficient and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a third.’
    • ‘Technicians will be hard at work this week, planning the cabling and ducting and preparing the anti-static, ultra-clean environment where the next generation of circuit-boards will be designed and built.’
    • ‘We ate at an ultra-clean vegetarian fast food joint called Bio-K.’
    • ‘Efficient, fast, cheap and ultra-clean, this subway system not only offers archaeology and contemporary art, it sings to you too.’
    • ‘If the government is serious about reducing the levels of pollution caused by private transport, it should reduce tax on the latest ultra-clean cars now coming on the market.’
    • ‘For the first time in history, we might see public toilets that are ultra-clean and highly sanitized.’
    • ‘Hard drives are assembled in the same kind of ultraclean factories used to make microchips, so flooded production lines must be thoroughly sanitized.’
    • ‘The stations were air-conditioned and ultraclean.’
    • ‘Preparing ultra clean water is a heroic task.’
    clean, spotless, pristine, unsoiled, unstained, unsullied, speckless, ultra-clean