Meaning of ultra-fast in English:



  • Extremely fast.

    ‘the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband’
    • ‘an ultra-fast railway’
    • ‘Video and television content is a driving force for ultra-fast broadband.’
    • ‘The controversial high-speed rail link could improve access to ultra-fast broadband for rural communities.’
    • ‘The price, easy access to a huge library of media, weight, and ultra-fast browser make it very attractive to tablet users.’
    • ‘The ultra-fast connections for residents come as a fringe benefit of the project.’
    • ‘They announced that they would jointly develop standards that will allow them to roll out ultrafast fiber-optic lines right to customers' doorsteps.’
    • ‘One of the big markets for ultrafast lasers is biological science.’
    • ‘Strong field chemistry uses ultrafast lasers to produce intense laser pulses that create tremendous electric fields around a molecule.’
    • ‘The ultra-fast response, giant display, and impressive battery life make a big contribution to the overall appeal.’
    • ‘Radical plans to run ultra-fast trains between York and London within ten years could hit the buffers, it emerged today.’
    • ‘The new device can be compared to a camera with ultrafast shutter speeds, allowing scientists to take real-time "pictures" of finer structures and dynamics.’