Meaning of ultra-fine in English:



  • Extremely fine in size, texture, composition, etc.

    ‘ultra-fine particles which are invisible to the naked eye’
    • ‘the sand is ultra-fine, like dust’
    • ‘The line I've been using by the way is 4lb Maxima, which is not ultra-fine diameter.’
    • ‘The ultra-fine filter is a boon to brewers who need to remove cloudy yeast residues.’
    • ‘An ultra-fine muslin or nylon curtain will do the job perfectly.’
    • ‘This satin smooth and ultra-fine formula applies easily to the skin to create definition and structure.’
    • ‘Scientists have long used ultra-fine glass tubes known as capillaries to analyze the chemical makeup of substances.’
    • ‘The students used ultra-fine permanent markers to do the details on the jewelry and patterns on the gourd.’
    • ‘Concentrating on my problem areas, June inserted a number of ultra-fine needles into my skin.’
    • ‘Just's team focused on emissions of ultrafine soot particles linked to some of the most serious health problems.’
    • ‘We studied the ultrafine dust (or particulate matter) found in an underground station in Europe.’
    • ‘The collection features hand-knitted apparel, accessories and jewelry and uses exclusively European yarns with high natural content like merino wool, linen, silk, cotton or ultra fine mohair.’