Meaning of ultra-high frequency in English:

ultra-high frequency



(also UHF)
  • A radio frequency in the range 300 to 3,000 MHz.

    ‘The VRC - 103 will be used as an aviation battalion flight operations radio, operating in multiple band frequencies in high frequency and ultra-high frequency bands.’
    • ‘Today's business radios use either very high frequency or ultra-high frequency bands.’
    • ‘TVS was awarded a permanent ultra-high frequency 31 television broadcasting licence by the Australian Broadcasting Authority last month, even though TVS said it needs at least eight months to be ready to begin transmission.’
    • ‘The Maori Television Service has moved significantly towards the signing of contracts for the provision of the ultra-high frequency transmission service, and is in negotiations over a digital satellite platform.’
    • ‘The brigade commander talked to the helicopter on the brigade FM net while the ALO talked to the Air Force plane on an ultra-high frequency channel.’