Meaning of ultra-thin in English:


Pronunciation /ʌltrəˈθɪn/


  • Extremely thin.

    ‘a range of ultra-thin laptops’
    • ‘ultra-thin models on the catwalk’
    • ‘Hopefully the story of her recovery will reach many young women suffering from our cultural obsession with being ultra-thin.’
    • ‘Ultra-thin models stare down at us from advertising hoardings, bearing no relationship to how we actually look.’
    • ‘The ultra-thin shape of the panels will allow future TV set designers to create televisions with a total thickness of only 3cm or less.’
    • ‘This ultra-thin flip phone is sure to turn a few heads.’
    • ‘If you have ultra-thin hair, layers and texturing help strands work together to create lift.’
    • ‘Held together by an ultra-thin steel wire, the shades are sand-blasted acrylic which is easy to clean.’
    • ‘I really think that it's crazy that women want to be ultra-thin.’
    • ‘The advantage of an ultra-thin flatscreen television is that it can stand right up against the wall, or even hang from it.’
    • ‘Harvard University scientists have found that ultra-thin silicon wires can be used to electrically detect the presence of single viruses.’
    • ‘The ultra-thin metal should be handled with care, and then sealed to protect the filmy surface.’
    • ‘Previous research indicated that exposure to ultra-thin models in fashion magazines leads to excessive dieting and body dissatisfaction among adolescent girls.’
    • ‘This ultra-thin layer of foil eliminates the need for refrigeration and prevents spoilage without using preservatives.’
    • ‘Ultrathin organic coatings offer a new way to slow the corrosion of steel.’
    • ‘Ultrathin superconducting wires can withstand stronger magnetic fields than larger wires made from the same material.’
    • ‘The system uses the ultrathin chips to store information electronically in a manner similar to that of an inked barcode label.’
    • ‘The scientists are participating in an ongoing program at Brookhaven to grow ultrathin organic films on solid and liquid surfaces.’
    thin, paper-thin, gossamer-thin, ultra-thin, flimsy, delicate, insubstantial, fragile, frail, light, lightweight