Meaning of ultracentrifugation in English:



See ultracentrifuge

‘This was shown in the earlier analytical ultracentrifugation analyses comparing DNA content from thermally ruptured phage (when all of the DNA comes out) with that from samples treated with LamB with and without PEG.’
  • ‘In the current context, for illustrating the behavior of the size distribution, we considered the data from a mixture of two different elution fractions after sucrosegradient ultracentrifugation.’
  • ‘After ultracentrifugation, the free peptide concentration was determined fluorometrically.’
  • ‘The total lysate separated into 4 different fractions whereas only the one with the lowest density was detected when the supernatant recovered after ultracentrifugation was loaded onto the sucrose gradient.’
  • ‘To gain more insight into the salt-dependent behavior of SecB, we studied the protein by DLS, size exclusion chromatography, analytical ultracentrifugation, and small angle neutron scattering.’