Meaning of ultramicroscope in English:


Pronunciation /ʌltrəˈmʌɪkrəskəʊp/


  • An optical microscope used to detect particles smaller than the wavelength of light by illuminating them at an angle and observing the light scattered by the Tyndall effect against a dark background.

    ‘The tiny particles in colloidal gold were not seen directly until the early twentieth century, when the Austrian chemist Richard Adolf Zsigmondy invented the ultramicroscope, a device capable of resolving such small objects.’
    • ‘Nevertheless the apparent trajectory of an element in the ultramicroscope is not a curve without tangents.’
    • ‘The exsistence of the ultramicroscopes, and their primacy in their day, is arcane, but not controversial.’
    • ‘Richard Adolph Zsigmondy was an Austrian chemist and professor who invented the ultramicroscope and used the device to make numerous discoveries regarding the nature of colloids.’
    • ‘Generally the nanoplasmonic ultramicroscope would allow for the first direct observation of ultrafast processes in nanosystems, such as the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy.’