Meaning of ultramicroscopic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌltrəmʌɪkrəˈskɒpɪk/


  • 1Too small to be seen by an ordinary optical microscope.

    ‘What is most relevant to Bell's Theorem is that the non-locality which it makes explicit in Quantum Mechanics is a small indication of pervasive ultramicroscopic nonlocality.’
    • ‘Muller concluded that the gene is ultramicroscopic in size.’
    • ‘Cold viruses are ultramicroscopic organisms that depend on the genetic makeup of our cells for their reproduction.’
    • ‘Viruses are ultramicroscopic organisms - many times smaller than bacteria, and amongst the smallest organisms known.’
    • ‘Before an atom's spin may be measured, however, it must be detected, and isolating an individual ultramicroscopic atom is a tricky endeavor.’
    1. 1.1Relating to an ultramicroscope.