Meaning of ultramundane in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌltrəˈmʌndeɪn/


  • Existing outside the known world, the solar system, or the universe.

    ‘an ultramundane god’
    • ‘Europe's epic was surely back in the Trecento, in Dante's ultramundane city: somewhere in that great meditation on divine fiat and human ingenium might have been the sign to ward off the evil.’
    • ‘That is what the tyrannies of the twentieth century had proven - that ultramundane humanism is inevitably inhuman humanism.’
    • ‘He has so much, grandeur, his appearance is imposing and in general His Divine countenance overflows with heavenly grace and an inexpressible ultramundane beauty.’
    • ‘The presence of this entity signifies intense levels of ultramundane energies and dimensional rifts and when detected evokes the joyfully horrific.’
    • ‘The very name ‘ultramundane’ coined by Lesage makes it clear that the corpuscles are not in equilibrium with ordinary matter.’


Mid 17th century from late Latin ultramundanus, from ultra ‘beyond’ + mundanus (from mundus ‘world’).