Meaning of ultrashort in English:


Pronunciation /ʌltrəˈʃɔːt/

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  • (of radio waves) having a wavelength significantly shorter than that of the usual short waves, in particular shorter than 10 metres (i.e. of a VHF frequency above 30 MHz).

    ‘Although the ultrashort solitons described above have so far only been generated using a GaAs: InGaAs laser, nothing inherent to the technique restricts it to a specific material system.’
    • ‘According to the uncertainty principle, these ultrashort pulses would have a very wide spectrum of energies - with some photons in the gamma radiation range, having more than 1 MeV of energy.’
    • ‘Physicists have used ultrashort pulses of light to control the motion of electrons ejected from molecules and to produce electron beams just a few nanometres in length.’
    • ‘If you use an ultrashort pulse of laser light instead of white light, the pulse will also break up, shedding smaller bits called precursors as it goes.’
    • ‘Now physicists in Vienna and Germany have managed to do just that, allowing the carrier-envelope phase of a high-power ultrashort pulsed laser to be altered at will.’
    • ‘In their experiments conducted at the Max Born Institute in Berlin, Ropers and colleagues aim an ultrashort laser pulse at a nanostructured metal surface.’