Meaning of ultrasonics in English:


Pronunciation /ʌltrəˈsɒnɪks/

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plural noun

treated as singular
  • 1The science and application of ultrasonic waves.

    ‘Thompson's research covers a wide range of NDE issues and methods, including ultrasonics, electromagnetics, material property measurements and flaw characterization.’
    • ‘Its new technology system, known as Puma, combines a variety of condition monitoring and analysis systems, from radiography to ultrasonics, to gather empirical data and statistical information on the performance of such equipment.’
    • ‘We're working with ultrasonics, which is like an echo locating bat.’
    1. 1.1treated as singular or plural Ultrasonic waves; ultrasound.
      ‘the pattern of ultrasonics has so far remained elusive’
      • ‘The use of ultrasonics in medicine is also of growing importance.’
      • ‘Wilkins initially studied the genetic effects of ultrasonics, but soon developed new types of microscopes and cameras with Ray Gosling, and achieved new images of the A form of the DNA molecule.’
      • ‘She managed to shake off the dust, probably aided by ultrasonics or some kind of electrostatic charge, and soon was none the worse for her experience.’
      • ‘‘So if you've got a high-volume operation, you're probably better off going with ultrasonics,’ Johnston advises.’
      • ‘Ian Macdonald became Professor of Midwifery in Glasgow in 1954 and used his elementary knowledge of radar, from his RAF days, to investigate ultrasonics as a diagnostic tool.’
      • ‘The recent trial also boasted the highest sample speed ever reported for a commercial application of laser ultrasonics.’
      • ‘Hot fomentation, wax bath or ultrasonics can improve symptoms.’