Meaning of ultrasonographic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌltrəsɒnəʊˈɣrafɪk/



See ultrasonography

‘Multiple ultrasonographic examinations in late pregnancy have been reported to improve predictions but have significant costs.’
  • ‘Physicians who are learning or reviewing ultrasonographic findings in the fetus will discover an array of beautifully detailed images demonstrating important anatomic points.’
  • ‘The authors conclude that all four of the formulas currently used in clinical practice provide valid estimates of true birth weight when ultrasonographic measurements are taken at term.’
  • ‘In the normal contralateral patellar tendons, ultrasonographic morphologic changes were not seen.’
  • ‘The etiologic workup, which was composed of an abdominal ultrasonographic examination and a computed tomography study, showed a cystic mass posterior to the uterus with a secondary dilatation of the renal pelvis and ureter.’