Meaning of ultrastructure in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌltrəstrʌktʃə/


  • Fine structure, especially within a cell, that can be seen only with the high magnification obtainable with an electron microscope.

    ‘The stages were used as a basis for transmission electron microscopy study on the ultrastructure of the cell wall during the process of primary and early secondary cell wall formation.’
    • ‘Interpretation of the above results concerning HGK provides intriguing insight into the cell line ultrastructures.’
    • ‘In patients with a defect of central microtubules, the ultrastructure, and thus the function, of nodal cilia would not be affected.’
    • ‘The ultrastructure of normal cilia consists of nine outer microtubule pairs and two single central microtubules.’
    • ‘Moreover, exogenously supplied sugars could improve energy metabolism and survival as well as restore the mitochondrial ultrastructure of both sensitive and tolerant species under anoxia.’