Meaning of Umbanda in English:


Pronunciation /ʊmˈbandə/


mass noun
  • A Brazilian folk religion combining elements of macumba, Roman Catholicism, and the practices of indigenous peoples of South America.

    as modifier ‘Umbanda rites’
    • ‘Temples practice both Umbanda, a syncretic variant with strong Spiritist and Catholic influences, and Batuque.’
    • ‘Created with practitioners of Cuban Santeria, Haitian Vodou, and Brazilian Umbanda, it shows ritual and social practices as they existed in New York City in 1999.’
    • ‘This was accomplished by identifying the religion primarily with Umbanda.’
    • ‘Likewise, Uruguayan devotees have taken the Brazilian par excellence Umbanda to Venezuela and Argentine practitioners are taking it to Spain and Italy.’
    • ‘For approximately twenty years after arriving from Brazil in the mid 1960s Umbanda was not socially perceived as a religious movement in Buenos Aires.’
    • ‘Because of this accusation, for ten days Umbanda beliefs and practices were judged harshly in the media.’