Meaning of umbilicate in English:


Pronunciation /ʌmˈbɪlɪkət/


  • 1Botany Zoology
    (especially of the cap of a fungus) having a central depression.

    1. 1.1(of a shell) having an umbilicus.
      ‘The dominant taxa at that time (modal geometries C and D) had compressed, moderately to openly umbilicate shells with slowly expanding whorls, morphologies poorly exploited by Permian goniatitids.’
      • ‘Modal geometries C and D appear to represent the tendency for these pioneers, i.e., slowly expanding, moderately to openly umbilicate, compressed shells, typified by Otoceras and Ophiceras.’
      • ‘By contrast, a narrowly umbilicate and thin shell possesses slender and dense ornamentation.’
      • ‘These four morphs represent a more or less continuous morphological series from widely umbilicate conch shapes with low aperture to conch geometries with a narrow umbilicus and high aperture.’
      • ‘Almost no widely umbilicate species existed, and only three morphs (E-, H-, and I-morphs) occupied a comparatively small area of the morphospace.’
      • ‘If the umbilicate side is directed downward and the flat side upward, this gives the impression the shell is sinistral or a left-handed spiral, because the aperture when held toward the observer is on the left.’