Meaning of umbrella-like in English:



See umbrella

‘Salix caprea ‘Kilmarnock’ is a small deciduous tree (reaching about 6ft tall with a similar spread) with an umbrella-like crown of weeping, yellow-brown branches that emerge from the top of a bare trunk.’
  • ‘Just as the crooked mass of shiny-leafed buttonbush, and even the swamp dwelling mayapple - its umbrella-like leaves shading sweet yellow fruit - need fire's fertilizing hand, so too does the wildlife.’
  • ‘Since then the plant has slowly grown to its full height of 2. 23m and the single umbrella-like petal finally unfurled early yesterday morning.’
  • ‘The Baghnath temple has an amalaka (ribbed circular crown) capped with an umbrella-like roof made of wood and slate.’
  • ‘There would also be a few umbrella-like shelters in this area.’