Meaning of umbrella plant in English:

umbrella plant


  • A tropical Old World sedge that has stiff green stems, each terminating in a whorl of arching green leaflike bracts. It is commonly grown as a houseplant.

    Cyperus involucratus, family Cyperaceae

    ‘Another moisture loving perennial at Glin is Darmera Peltata, commonly known as the umbrella plant.’
    • ‘It is known as the umbrella plant but I find it more reminiscent of a fireworks explosion.’
    • ‘Add a small water plant (such as a dwarf umbrella plant) in a bonsai dish, rocks, a submersible pump, and a bamboo spout that's a variation of the traditional Japanese deer scarer, or shishi odoshi (often sold at nurseries).’
    • ‘Schefflera arboricola also known as the dwarf umbrella tree or Hawaiian dwarf umbrella is the little brother to the old time umbrella plant.’
    • ‘The Umbrella plant got its name from the green bracts that form atop its long stems.’