Meaning of umbrella stand in English:

umbrella stand

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  • A stand for holding closed upright umbrellas.

    ‘I remember the smell of leather from the leather upholstered seats in the alcoves, and the huge carved bear that served as an umbrella stand - important in a town which has quite a lot of wet weather.’
    • ‘I started playing tennis in the early 1970s, when even top-of-the-range rackets looked as if they spent nine months of the year tightly clamped in an umbrella stand at the vicarage.’
    • ‘The house had a huge padlock on the outside of the door (and inside, propped up against an old umbrella stand, were a couple of emergency baseball bats).’
    • ‘Its like choosing between dropping a marble umbrella stand on your foot and walking head first into a lowered fire escape with pointy rivets.’
    • ‘There was a search for an umbrella stand and also a scarf.’