Meaning of umiak in English:


Pronunciation /ˈuːmɪak/


  • An open boat made of animal hide stretched over a wooden frame, traditionally rowed by Inuit women.

    ‘Here they would assemble with their great walrus - skin boats, or oomiaks, to make ready for their annual trading cruise to Siberia.’
    • ‘Called by some the Old Bering Sea Cultures, these early inhabitants traveled by kayak and umiak skin boats in the warmer months, and by sled in the winter.’
    • ‘For example, Therkel Mathiassen, who defined and named the Thule culture, identified dog sleds, umiaks, and kayaks as key Thule traits.’
    • ‘Some boats were large (the largest shown has a crew of 32) and were probably made of leather over a wooden frame, similar to the Inuit umiak or the Irish curragh.’
    • ‘This package included the umiak, a vessel capable of accommodating substantial numbers of dogs alongside people when travel was by open sea.’


From Inuit umiaq.