Meaning of umpy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌmpi/


(also umpie)
informal Australian Rules Football
  • An umpire.

    • ‘they took so long that the umpy could almost have started the game without them’
    • ‘"Look umpy," said Gibbs, "I'm retiring after this match and I've always wanted to be the first footballer ever to kick a goal in the nude."’
    • ‘The umpy was said to be as blind as ever.’
    • ‘Even the umpies were in on the joke, blowing their whistles for marks before he got his hands on the ball.’
    • ‘We crack some tinnies, and if it turns cold we go inside to watch the replays on the telly and abuse the umpy.’
    • ‘The Pies won this game even though the umpies were determined they were going to give it to the Eagles.’