Meaning of umu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʊmʊ/


  • A Maori oven consisting of a hollow in the earth in which food is cooked on heated stones.

    ‘I know how to prepare an umu or earth oven.’
    • ‘Food is prepared in an umu, an oven dug in the earth and filled with firewood and basalt rocks.’
    • ‘In an out-door pit that Tongans call an umu, a whole pig is roasted with foods like chicken, fish, meat, sweet potatoes, fish and taro (a starchy tuber).’
    • ‘The feast is overflowing with pork, delivered whole on spits from underground umu ovens.’
    • ‘Similar ovens were constructed by the Maori in New Zealand but, although they were called umu ti, the plant baked was a different species, the New Zealand cabbage tree, Cordyline australis.’