Meaning of un-Australian in English:



  • Not in accordance with characteristics and values considered to be typical of Australian people.

    ‘some may see dobbing in a mate to be un-Australian, but so is letting down your teammates’
    • ‘the very idea of a clique is un-Australian’
    • ‘According to certain conservative politicians and commentators I am elitist, out-of-touch and un-Australian.’
    • ‘I thought the treatment he received was unAustralian.’
    • ‘"Everyone's mostly upset, it's a very un-Australian thing to happen," he said.’
    • ‘Sure we're at war, but it'd be positively unAustralian if we didn't crack jokes about it.’
    • ‘If quitting is un-Australian, and criticising someone for quitting is un-Australian, then what would be the appropriately patriotic thing to do?’
    • ‘Tipping is un-Australian, he told me, because everyone is equal in a classless society and so to tip someone is an insult.’
    • ‘It is really very disgusting and un-Australian behaviour for someone to be kicked out because he is wearing different clothes.’
    • ‘It is simply considered un-Australian to be anything other than positively glowing about the Olympics.’
    • ‘You'll inevitably run into the person who tells you it's "un-Australian" not to like sport in general.’
    • ‘We all know it is immoral and deeply un-Australian in its meanness.’