Meaning of un-Islamic in English:



  • Contrary to the tenets of Islam.

    ‘Clerics frown upon such actions, saying they are un-Islamic.’
    • ‘He said honour killings were "very un-Islamic."’
    • ‘Violence in any form, in the name of Islam, is 'un-Islamic'.’
    • ‘A month-long crackdown on "un-Islamic behaviour", focusing particularly on unmarried couples seen without a chaperone, was launched yesterday.’
    • ‘Speakers commented that all the leading Islamic scholars declared the Ordinance "un-Islamic".’
    • ‘He has said that possessing a nuclear weapon is an "un-Islamic" act.’
    • ‘The guerrillas are alleging that the secular process of American-sponsored elections will result in un-Islamic laws.’
    • ‘He added that people are not laying down their lives for any un-Islamic view.’
    • ‘She does not see anything un-Islamic about the concept of women imams.’
    • ‘He said marriage was a matter of choice for today's Pakistani children, pointing out that forced marriage was un-Islamic.’



/ʌnɪzˈlamɪk/ /ʌnɪzˈlɑːmɪk/