Significado de unaddressed en en inglés


Pronunciación /ʌnəˈdrɛst/


  • 1Not considered or dealt with.

    ‘wider questions remain unaddressed’
    • ‘The pursuit of this goal - defined mostly in military terms that leave economic and human security issues unaddressed - is fraught with difficulties.’
    • ‘In its statement yesterday, CBS left a few issues unaddressed.’
    • ‘But he leaves unaddressed the issue of health care and the fact that 43 million Americans do not have health care insurance.’
    • ‘Sowell is right, but he leaves one important issue unaddressed.’
    • ‘But the issue he raised was unaddressed and remains important.’
    • ‘At the same time, both projects stop short, leaving many issues unaddressed and questions unanswered.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for Mr Martin said he was anxious that several unaddressed issues about terms and conditions be resolved.’
    • ‘Some people are clearly angry enough about the low Health Plan offer and the issues that have gone unaddressed.’
    • ‘After the talks in Baghdad, Mr Blix said this issue remained unaddressed.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the issue remained unaddressed during the two-day summit.’
    • ‘This company also works to tackle the mystery of how money managers actually manage money - an issue that often goes unaddressed, to the frustration of many investors.’
    • ‘What's more, as he expends his seemingly limitless political capital on state finances, other looming issues are going largely unaddressed.’
    • ‘Kenny is now 18 but the housing issues have remained unaddressed for a number of years.’
    • ‘The blocking issue, which has far deeper implications than people imagine is clearly a major issue that, if unaddressed, can be an even more significant danger.’
    • ‘This discontent could mount were this issue to remain unaddressed.’
    • ‘When we fail to do that as a group and leave some portion of those issues unaddressed, then we end up with the government stepping in to do for us what we ought to have done much better for ourselves.’
    • ‘While the Church feels satisfied with the new position that the Kimball article presented, many issues were left unaddressed.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the issue remains largely unaddressed in Mexico.’
    • ‘After years of spiritual practice, Jack Kornfield found he had emotional and relationship issues still unaddressed.’
  • 2(of a letter or other item sent in the post) having no address written or printed on it.

    ‘Kohut said people can notify Canada Post if they do not wish to receive unaddressed mail.’
    • ‘Written on plain parchment, unaddressed, with a plain seal, there was nothing to say what it was.’
    • ‘Fed up of the amount of junkmail we were not reading and simply throwing away into the paperbank, we simply put a note on the door, asking for no more unaddressed mail and advertising to be delivered.’
    • ‘The average household will discard 3/4 tonne of paper each year, and 1/4 of this is unaddressed advertised mail.’
    • ‘‘At the moment, companies are doing a lot of hand-delivered, unaddressed mail,’ the organisation said.’
    • ‘Backer also describes the impact of publications or evaluations that are not ‘user friendly’ and calls for an examination of unaddressed dissemination opportunities.’
    • ‘We do not like to spend our time sifting through piles of unwanted and unaddressed mail.’
    • ‘But you can do something about unaddressed junk mail.’
    • ‘Unaddressed mail is growing in popularity.’