Significado de unapologetically en en inglés


Pronunciación /ʌnəpɒləˈdʒɛtɪkli/


  • In a manner that does not acknowledge or express regret.

    ‘she shrugged unapologetically’
    • ‘he unapologetically defended his agency's campaign’
    • ‘They are unapologetically themselves, flawed, afraid, angry, confused.’
    • ‘The theme material isn't subtly presented - this movie goes to great lengths to hammer home its symbolism in an unapologetically flamboyant manner.’
    • ‘Whatever the genre and the relative seriousness of intent, his work is always vivid, effervescent and sometimes unapologetically lurid.’
    • ‘However, all bets are off when he unapologetically takes control of matters.’
    • ‘Unapologetically the band launches from one pop-tinged rock & roll song to another, backed by lush vocals demonstrating maturity beyond their years.’