Meaning of unapparent in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈpar(ə)nt/


  • Not visible or in evidence.

    ‘the insidious, unapparent build-up of stress’
    • ‘the fact that technical barriers are relatively unapparent in other countries does not mean that they do not present a potential threat’
    • ‘Some animal coronaviruses have additional properties: unapparent infections are common, and under certain circumstances a virus can persist and set up a carrier state after recovery.’
    • ‘I urge students not only to vote in this referendum, but also to examine critically apparent motivations and unapparent repercussions of eliminating the WPIRG levy.’
    • ‘Assuming, of course, that I'm not currently on a different rebound again, one as unapparent to me as the last. comment?’
    • ‘Focusing on the specific group of people most likely to be affected by political advocacy may reveal otherwise unapparent effects.’
    • ‘Whether avoiding CMV-seropositive units in all patients is medically useful is a difficult question, given that 50% of adults are seropositive from generally unapparent CMV exposure sometime in their lives.’
    • ‘Directing of attention with or without the aid of props and focusing aids (symbols, rituals and procedures) is a well-known strategy, though often unapparent and not clearly stated!’
    • ‘I want to go on about how I can't discern this from anything else in the band's oeuvre, but I'm sure, with careful study, someone could argue for the presence of some unapparent sea change.’
    • ‘The inherent nature of this drive to conform to societal expectations remains unapparent to consumers, allowing them the perception of free choice rather than coercion.’
    • ‘Such a trend is surprising both because it is unapparent in the linear morphometric data and because it would not be predicted from casual inspection of Camarasaurus humeri.’
    • ‘What cure I was looking for or asking for was unapparent to me, as was the gravel of being young, black, different, and unsuccessful in my own suicide.’
    • ‘To Titus the Roman, national differences, at one time unapparent, now impose themselves between him and the Palestinian queen.’
    • ‘Just think about someone wanting to kill me for reasons unapparent to me, and someone watching me all the time, and someone maybe killing me for some reason.’
    • ‘The answers to such questions seems unapparent to many.’
    • ‘The intimate nature of this anxiety prevents it from being addressed, and as a result, it operates in powerful, unapparent ways.’
    • ‘But if not, remember, her behavior may seem glaring to you, but may be inconsequential and unapparent to others.’
    • ‘Therefore, as much as possible, it is incumbent for a wireless provider to seek counsel as to the apparent and unapparent legal issues.’
    • ‘I hadn't locked the door, for some unapparent reason, and so now Yanik stood framed in the doorway, caught.’
    • ‘However, actinic keratoses may be diffuse, with clinically unapparent lesions in adjacent skin.’
    • ‘The newly employed spectrophotometer technology can reveal variation unapparent to human vision.’
    • ‘What if she had two completely separate forces against her, for reasons still unapparent to her?’
    dormant, quiescent, inactive, untapped, unused