Meaning of unappealing in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈpiːlɪŋ/

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  • Not inviting or attractive.

    ‘the company faces some unappealing choices’
    • ‘The sauce was tasty, as were the ingredients, save the ham, which had an unappealing flavour.’
    • ‘The choices of main courses were unappealing and didn't taste any better than they sounded.’
    • ‘He found many of the villages of the Moselle region dirty and unappealing, but the countryside often attractive.’
    • ‘So if you've realised how unappealing walking around in the cold is, then go get warm in Teddy Hall and acquaint yourself with a little Bernard Shaw.’
    • ‘If the pain, suffering and fatalities that make war unappealing to the masses are removed, then so will be much of the moral inhibitions against it.’
    • ‘There it comes sliding down the luggage ramp: flattened, tattered, stained, wonderfully unappealing.’
    • ‘The church, in a lot of ways, is becoming unappealing to the younger members of the generations, in its traditionalism and ceremony.’
    • ‘But if it had been tedious and unappealing then that will not have mattered one jot to City, more a glowing endorsement of a job well done.’
    • ‘Bushnell's writing has similar deadpan timing, taking the depressing and unappealing and rendering it hilarious.’
    • ‘I can't help wondering how Wood could bring himself to read as much of such a big book, so grimly unappealing to him, as he seems to have done.’
    • ‘No matter how keen you are to show off the fruits of a fortnight's sunbathing, excessive cleavage or leg can look cheap and unappealing.’
    • ‘Being sick is bad, bad, bad, childish and despicable, unappealing and unladylike.’
    • ‘But whereas we now also find the latter dated and their humour unappealing, Wodehouse remains in demand.’
    • ‘The jobs tend to be eagerly sought, especially by women, whose other prospects for earning an income can be very unappealing.’
    • ‘In this story, as in many others in the collection, ambition is made more unappealing than the quiet expectation of failure.’
    • ‘The appealing fragments are short and scrappy, the unappealing prose verbose and sometimes impenetrable.’
    • ‘However, that pram-like hood is unappealing from the inside, and the car does flex a little over deep potholes.’
    • ‘She had been wealthy in Iran, and possibly found a marriage of convenience to a penniless student nurse unappealing.’
    • ‘I can report that the unappealing brown appearance was perfectly matched by the unappetising brown perfume.’
    • ‘It's Valentine's Day but fortunately my wife and I both find the idea of dictated romance unappealing.’
    unpalatable, unappetizing, unpleasant, distasteful, disagreeable, uninviting, unappealing, unattractive