Meaning of unappeased in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈpiːzd/


  • Not pacified, placated, or satisfied.

    ‘the woman still stood, wrathful and unappeased’
    • ‘At two-and-a-half minutes, the standing ovation was short and critics of the looming war were unappeased, though other MPs said they had enjoyed their leader's eloquence.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry about it,’ said Anthony, reaching for his own credit card, but I was unappeased.’
    • ‘Our craving for justice is itself one way of negotiating our desire for the other: like Beloved's, however, this desire is bottomless, unappeased, and unappeasable.’
    • ‘We also get little sense of dramatic contrast between Terry as he is and as he once was: he seems a permanently defeated character with some unappeased sadness in his soul.’
    • ‘Even if there is a faint fuzziness about the conclusion, there is none about the depiction of the unappeased ache of joblessness.’
    • ‘But it is one in which the full consequences of the unappeased lust for profits on the part of company's major shareholders - the biggest of whom is the German government with a share of 43 percent - is being forced onto Telekom's employees.’
    • ‘Even near the end he was unreconciled, unappeased, uncontent, undefeated.’
    • ‘She wants to move on to the short story, but I see her father's ghost is still unappeased.’