Meaning of unappetizingly in English:



(also British unappetisingly)

See unappetizing

‘Incidentally, the chard lasted all winter and, although the leaves looked unappetisingly tatty, it was good to have something interesting in the garden.’
  • ‘The lucky recipient would then chew upon the remaining flesh of the fruit before it went completely and unappetisingly brown from contact with the air, like a dog gnawing a bone dropped from the master's table.’
  • ‘The onions in the accompanying ‘onion jam’ however, had been more candied than caramelised which left them unappetisingly crunchy with all the colour of glue.’
  • ‘Apulia's finest wines are produced in the Salento peninsula, the heel of the boot, where distinctively full but not unappetizingly alcoholic wines are made from the conjunction of climate, vine variety, and vine training system.’
  • ‘As the chicken oozes unappetisingly on the top shelf of your fridge, wrapped in a leaky carrier bag, blood drips on to the cheddar cheese below - the classic ‘cross contamination’ sequence.’