Meaning of unapplied in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈplʌɪd/


  • Not applied.

    ‘Mr Clarke dismissed section 28 as an ‘obscure, unread and unapplied piece of legislation’ and said it should not be abolished.’
    • ‘Maddy notes, however, that the straightforward indispensability argument cannot be the whole story about mathematics, since, as we have just noted, it does not cover unapplied mathematics.’
    • ‘As you know, the biggest issue with security patches is that they so often go unapplied, hence including security fixes in patch sets increases the chances that customers will apply the patch.’
    • ‘As appears from the context unapplied payments are those which have not yet been credited to the account holder.’
    • ‘Indeed, philosophy as abstract in its unapplied form, offering no appropriate subject through which it may be used as an analytic tool, is re-abstracted rather than elucidated through its play in investigating cinema.’