Meaning of unappreciative in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈpriːʃ(ɪ)ətɪv/

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  • Not fully understanding, recognizing, or valuing something.

    ‘they were unappreciative of country problems’
    • ‘As an art form, it has survived the dynasties, the warlords, the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, the Communist Revolution, and has just about survived the restless nature of the Other Festival's unappreciative audience.’
    • ‘But we also know that we're watching to see how the actor portrays an actor acting for an unappreciative audience.’
    • ‘Then, she had played a bit part on a small stage before an unappreciative audience.’
    • ‘Nothing I have said in any previous post should be taken as in any way unappreciative of you, my fabulous readers.’
    • ‘Lest I appear unappreciative of this day's significance:… stereotypes can be stable, even when they are not based on any objective differences.’
    • ‘‘I find it absolutely sickening and sad that there can be such ignorant and unappreciative louts who would do such a thing,’ he said.’
    • ‘Now I don't want to sound unappreciative, but I wanted to ask why you think that people need instructions on how to leave a message?’
    • ‘I think it is totally unappreciative and rude to do the above.’
    • ‘He is unappreciative and later declared that I had abandoned him.’
    • ‘His money and he were soon parted, though, and his struggle to survive in a largely unappreciative world was constant.’
    • ‘I did go through a phase of feeling that New Zealand was unappreciative.’
    • ‘It is easy to imagine them as misunderstood, artsy kids that got beat up by the jocks at their unappreciative high school.’
    • ‘I'd hate to live in a city like this and become unappreciative or indifferent to my surroundings.’
    • ‘So often football supporters are accused of being unforgiving and unappreciative.’
    • ‘The linen trade, introduced into Ireland and funded by a series of Linen Acts, was perceived by a generally unappreciative populace to be an inappropriate and insufficient replacement.’
    • ‘But, nonetheless, witnessing this job done well is a marvel - avalanches of visual and audio information marshalled into concise entertainment for the benefit of the unappreciative viewer.’
    • ‘He also rejects the oft-claimed evolutionistic view that creationism has appeal because Americans are ignorant of, or unappreciative towards, science.’
    • ‘If Hispanics challenge such a response, their Euro-American co-religionists often perceive them as being unappreciative of the welcome offered them.’
    • ‘Many of my friends disliked the film intensely - even if they had admired it on some nebulous level, they were antagonized and revolted, irritated and unappreciative.’
    • ‘What has probably been more galling for them is how our largely unappreciative, philistine public has looked on the job as something without actual skills and real knowledge, while the opposite is true.’
    unappreciative, unthankful, thankless, ungracious