Meaning of unapprehended in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnaprɪˈhɛndɪd/


  • 1Not perceived or understood.

    ‘We are documenting the massive change that is happening, unapprehended, before our eyes.’
    • ‘The traumatic event is an unapprehended, and therefore unrealized moment in the history of the survivor that creates a rupture in the temporal continuity of the self.’
  • 2Not arrested for a crime.

    ‘Later, Nicholas I similarly forbade the spread of serfdom to Siberia; any serf who could escape and settle in Siberia unapprehended became a state peasant.’
    • ‘When The Hours of the Day finishes, Rosales's killer is still unapprehended; as viewers we are denied closure.’
    • ‘They become visible people, rather than unapprehended criminals.’