Meaning of unapproved in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈpruːvd/


  • Not officially accepted or sanctioned.

    ‘they deposit waste on unapproved sites’
    • ‘Buyers of sites in unapproved layouts are the worst hit.’
    • ‘A 10% penalty may be incurred if the work goes ahead on the basis of unapproved plans.’
    • ‘The complaints also seek to remove references to Lipitor in advertising materials and to eliminate computer links that misdirect patients to an illegal, unapproved product.’
    • ‘However, FDA is taking legal action against the firms that are selling illegal or unapproved products in the United States.’
    • ‘Claims of unapproved and/or illegal operations tend to make the cut.’
    • ‘The discovery that unapproved genetically modified seeds had been planted in a trial site in the UK should not really cause much surprise.’
    • ‘The orders are filled with illegal, unregulated and unapproved products.’
    • ‘If the unapproved building work has detrimental impacts on others then there is a strong probability that the court may issue orders for demolition.’
    • ‘A couple of years ago, they had a very interesting enforcement accident, a fine by the FAA for improperly modifying a plane, making unapproved changes to one of their aircraft.’
    • ‘Nationally, just 4% of unrelated carers were unapproved.’
    • ‘Sometimes that means having company desktops locked down and administrative rights to laptops restricted so people cannot install unapproved software on the network.’
    • ‘Any unapproved programmes (ie, everything apart from cricket) are watched huddled over the tiny portable black and white TV in my sister's room.’
    • ‘The doctor and his assistant face 87 counts, among them, distributing unapproved and mislabeled drugs and money laundering.’
    • ‘It was feared that unapproved tests are being used to disqualify applicants for life insurance which prompted MPs to recommended a moratorium of at least two years on the use of genetic tests.’
    • ‘Yesterday corn futures on the Chicago Board of Trade were sent reeling by news that unapproved Starlink corn from the US was detected in snack foods in Japan.’
    • ‘Layouts that do not have an underground drainage system, and are denied prompt garbage clearance because they are unapproved, have a litany of woes.’
    • ‘And he immediately set off at a jog-trot down an unapproved road near Aughnacloy or Swanllinbar or Lifford.’
    • ‘The FDA has had a run-in with Allergan before, condemning it for advertisements that it said suggested the drug was effective for unapproved uses.’
    • ‘Council was preparing a brief for prosecution for the unapproved demolition of the rear part of house, according to spokesman Peter Flynn.’
    • ‘This unapproved, reckless deviation from the study protocol endangered lives, Kusel charges.’
    unofficial, unsanctioned, uncertified, unaccredited, unlicensed, unwarranted, unapproved